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Adstar offers comprehensive solutions in sales and marketing. We deliver B2C and B2B telemarketing leads and email marketing leads at the best prices in the market.

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Premium leads at good prices

In 2007, the company launched with a focus on digital, performance-based marketing. Our personal touch, a flexible way of thinking and being one step ahead, meant that both publishers and customers around the world chose to join Adstars network.
Today we have our offices in Stockholm and Lund.

We work mainly with B2B leads and B2C leads for sales and marketing; telemarketing and e-mail marketing. Our goal is to deliver high quality leads at resonable prices. We have both hot premium leads and cold leads with a wide selection of segmentations. Our other services include solutions for lead generation, blacklist files and data analysis.

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What Adstar stands for:

  • An ethical and proper marketing.
  • Close and continuous dialog with customers.
  • Flexibility
  • Understanding the whole chain of marketing, from sales to customer experience

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