TM Leads - B2B

Telemarketing leads - Business to Business

An increase in sales and bookings gives your company a higher profitability. To achieve this, it's important to have the correct basis for a sales call so you don't spend time on customers who ultimately have no interest in the products you sell.

Our solution is B2B leads

Adstar business to business leads is based on a comprehensive data analysis, based on previous spending patterns and other relevant factors.

Customers that work with Adstar B2B leads report that their success rate has in some cases doubled as a result of the high quality leads.


Bulk survey is a selection of users who have participated in our competitions, in the last 12 months. Here you have the opportunity to make different selections, to find a relevant target group.

Choose between:

  • Industry
  • Turnover
  • Profit results
  • Number of Employees
  • Geographic location
  • Company Type
  • Relevant contacts
  • Direct numbers to key decision makers
  • Previous spending patterns

Delivery :

In real time, to your dialer in FTP, XLS, CSV or TXT format.

All deliveries are customized according to your specifications. Delivery of files takes place within seven business days of the time the order has been placed. If you are a recurring customer, there is also the possibility to open an account in our leads webshop, where you can easily extract data with the segmentations you want. Leadsshop delivery will take place within 15 minutes. Every day, 24 hours a day.

Relaterade tjänster

  • Callcenter förmedling
  • Vi tar fram hög kvalitativa leads och sätter er i kontakt med kompetenta call centers. Låt oss underlätte ert arbete med telemarketing projekt.
    Kontakta en av våra account managers för att höra mer.
  • Leadstvätt - Vi “tvättar” era leads.
    För att se till så att ni kommunicerar med rätt kund och att era produkter / orderbekräftelser når fram till korrekt kund, erbjuder vi en leadstvätt där kundkorten ’tvättas’.
  • Databas analys - Analysera er kundprofil.
    Vi identifierar vilken målgrupp ni får bäst träff på och hjälper er hitta rätt leads.
  • Spärrfil - Rensa era listor mot våra spärrfiler.
    Vi hjälper till med spärrfil som vilken ger er en indikation på kundens köpstyrka.

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