TM Leads - B2C

Telemarketing leads - Business to Customer

One of the most common challenges in telemarketing is to find the right profile for the customer who will convert into sales. As a sales manager, the challenge is to find a supplier that offers a stable delivery with a consistent quality, at a price that reflects the outcome.

For those who operate a telemarketing business, we have a variety of solutions in which quality, price and results go hand in hand.

Our leads are collected through competitions, which we arrange with trusted publishers who follow our ethical guidelines. In the terms of the competition the user has the opportunity to choose which of our customers they want to contact from. By knowing this, you simplify your work by only calling relevant customers.


Bulk survey

Bulk survey is a selection of users who have participated in our competitions in the last 12 months. Here you have the opportunity to pick different segmentations to find your relevant target group.

Delivery method:

In real time, to your dialer in FTP, XLS, CSV or TXT format.

All deliveries are customized according to your specifications. Delivery of files takes place within seven business days of the time the order has been placed. If you are a recurring customer, there is also the possibility to open an account in our leads webshop, where you can easily extract data with the segmentations you want. Leadsshop delivery will take place within 15 minutes. Every day, 24 hours a day.

Some of the benefits of Bulk Survey:

  1. Target only a relevant audience
  2. Establish a relationship with the customer before contacting them
  3. Increase in sales per hour
  4. Satisfied customers who wants to be contacted
  5. Choose from our wide range of options

Segmenting options

There are several segmentation options. The sky is the limit! Here we list the most common segmentation options. If you have additional requests, please contact us and we'll help.

  • Housing type
  • Age
  • Geographic location
  • Gender
  • Purchase patterns
  • Number of residents in household
  • Number of phone subsciptions
  • Contact information of the decision maker in the household


Dedicated survey

Another product in the B2C TM portfolio is dedicated survey. It gives you the opportunity to create a custom campaign with your own questions. Obviously OPT-IN permission is also gathered, with permission to contact the customer through the channels of communication you wish to use.

Delivery method:

In real time, to your dialer in FTP, XLS, CSV or TXT format.

Facts about dedicated survey:

  1. Set up three questions to the end customer, for example; What is your current supplier for product/service x?
  2. Collect OPT-IN permission within the channels you want to communicate
  3. Results in a high quality prospect
  4. Increase in sales per hour
  5. Greater profitability in your telemarketing project