Services and products

Listed below are the services and products that we offer. We always tailor the campaigns to fit your needs. Click on a product to read more about it. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us and we can help.

To ensure that you communicate with the right customer and that your products and services reach the correct customer, we offer a service to "wash" out the invalid leads. In the business of sales it's important to filter out customers who are not considered to have sufficient purchasing power. We help create a filter for your target group. We analyze a selection of your database with the help of key parameters to identify which customer group you´re most likely to succeed with. In recent years, consumer marketing intake and behavior has shifted from television, print media and others to digital marketing. The Adstar platform helps your organisation to automate the process of increasing customer awareness and loyalty to your brand Are you interested in creating campaigns where you connect your own publishers?
Our tracking platform can help... Adstar delivers ADR 2.0 in a modernized and efficient model.