Washing leads

When processing high volumes it is important to keep track of which customers that have already been contacted. Some common challenges are:

  • Duplicates (When using leads from several sources)
  • Outdated contact information
  • Low customer credit rating

To ensure that you communicate with the right customer and that your products reach the correct customer, we provide the service of "washing" your leads.

The following checks are offered:

  1. Checking duplicates against previous contacts (You determine how often you want to contact every unique customer).
  2. Checks against your own customer database, to avoid targeting an existing customer.
  3. Checking against the population directory, to retrieve the most recent contact information.
  4. Scoring Controls (Remove customers with a record of non-payment or low credit rating - Before processing begins. Otherwise, you will risk costly losses.)


Delivery takes place within a week. All modules are compiled and login to concerned parties in the organisation is delivered at this time.

Customized delivery

If you want to add any specific parameters, we can tailor the delivery to fit your specific needs.